Music Jar – week 50

Each week, during this hell of a year, I take the name of an artist from a pickle jar on my bar caddy and try to ignore the different ways the world is falling apart and listen to their back catalog.
This week was the turn of London-born singer-songwriter Anna Calvi.

What I Knew Before
I knew of Anna Calvi as she rose to fame when I was still aware of music. I have since failed to keep up so this week has been a catch-up for me.

What I Know Now
Not only has Anna Calvi continued to make fantastic music, but there is a darkness and a depth to what she does that I should have appreciated a lot more. If we ever escape from whatever the hell is going on and she’s performing in London then I would love the chance to see her live.

Favourite song(s):
Wish, You’re Not God, Lady Grinning Soul and Strange Weather

Favourite album:
Anna Calvi

Spotify my favourite songs from this project.






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