Music Jar – week 26

Each week, I listen to a different musical artist, having taken the name from my elusive pickle jar (not a euphemism). This week was the turn of the woman who can do anything, Anne Erin Clark or as you may know her, St Vincent.

What I Knew Before: 
I knew St Vincent from her excellent first couple of albums as well as her performance with Nirvana in 2014 where she did an exceptional version of Lithium. I was also aware of her dating history, because she has fantastic taste. More than anything, she’s an exceptional guitarist, who tends to be overlooked, just because she’s a woman. I’ll add a video of her being a guitar god.

What I Know Now:

St Vincent has realised albums since 2014, which is probably the last time I had any kind of musical awareness. One of those was with David Byrne, who is obviously an absolute hero. Imagine the music they made together. I don’t need to, because I’ve listened to it a lot this week.
Annie was also in Polyphonic Spree and Sufjan Stevens’ touring band.

Favourite songs:
Now, Now, Los Ageless, Fast Slow Disco, Weekend In The Dust.

Favourite album: 
Love This Giant.






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