Music Jar – week 18

Every week, I listen to an artist that I’ve never taken the time with before. This week was the turn of Gloucestershire’s own FKA twigs.

What I Knew Before: I was aware of FKA twigs (and yes, that’s lowercase on purpose) more for her amazing performance in Honey Boy and her relationship with Robert Pattinson, where from what I can tell, she helped make him a lot cooler. As a result of her performance in Honey Boy, I mistakenly assumed she was American.
What I Know Now: twigs is a bit of a powerhouse. She’s one of those incredible people who seems capable of turning her hand to anything and to do it on her own terms. She put her own EP out on Bandcamp and then made videos for each of the tracks. She’s trained as a dancer. She can act.
Her musical style is a combination of electronica, R&B and hip-hop. Her vocals reminded me slightly of Bat For Lashes, but that’s because my understanding of the genre is so limited.
Favourite song(s): cellophane, mary magdalene, Hours.
Favourite album: It’s a tough call between LP1 and MAGDALENE but I think the former takes it.






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