Music Jar – Week 6

Inspired by The Larson House, I am picking a band or artist I certainly should know a hell of a lot better out of a pickle jar and listening to their back catalogue for a week.
This week, it was the turn of sexy Parisians, Nouvelle Vague. I didn’t think I knew the new and the recommendation came courtesy of my good friend Lefteris. I would like to take this opportunity to apologise to Stephanie, who had definitely sent me a number of their songs in the past. The name clearly hadn’t stuck.

What I Knew Before: Possibly, very little. As I will detail, a number of their songs were immediately recognisable for tow reasons. The first is that they cover a lot of immediately recognisable rock songs in a swing/bossa nova style. The second is that their music is everywhere. You may not have realised it. i know I certainly hadn’t.
What I Know Now: All of their music sounds like it should be on a soundtrack for a film that I want to write. It’s very cool and effortlessly sexy. Some of their covers are arguably better than the original. I would certainly rather get down to the Nouvelle Vague version of Too Drunk To Fuck.
Favourite song(s): Guns Of Brixton, Ever Fallen In Love, Too Drunk To Fuck.
Favourite album: This is tough. They’re all very good. The weak one is probably Version Francaise for me for that’s just my take. Bande a Part is the best.






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