Today I celebrate three months at my new job.

I don’t often mention what I do for work because it removes the veneer that I write for a living. Very few people are afforded that luxury/burden. Like everyone else I work a job and get a wage and spend too much on payday weekend and then struggle through the rest of the month. I’m just like the rest of you lowly mortals.

The difference I feel in my new role is palpable. I spent ten of my best years working for a company who couldn’t give a single shit about me, a fact made abundantly clear when I handed in my notice and there was no question of why I would give up a career at a well-known and well-established company (even if they are notably of ill repute) to take a chance on a start-up. Fuel was added to the fire when I was hastily given a factually inaccurate leaving speech and booted out the door without an exit interview or any guidance.

I’ll tell you this much, start-ups know how to treat people. I’m positively fucking glowing with how well I am treated as a person and respected as a member of the workforce. I look forward to going in each day and being around people who believe in what they are doing. The work may be very much the same but the attitude that comes with it couldn’t be more different.

I would like to point out that most of the people I worked with in my time at this behemoth of a corpse of a company are absolutely incredible. They are beautiful, smart, funny, engaging individuals who are routinely overlooked because they aren’t white enough, male enough or middle-minded enough to make it any further. I miss a number of them and will keep in touch and hope that they are all able to make good on their own plans for their futures.

For all the good eggs, there will always be some problem children though. It seems a few too many of them were dropped on their heads as kids which left them with this glimmer of self-importance in a world where nothing you actually do has any impact. They love bureaucracy and red tape and swinging their weight around and my god, I’m glad to be clear of their reach.

So here’s my tip for people wondering if they should change it up; quit your job, shave your head and go to Costa Rica.






One response to “Daring”

  1. Kay Avatar

    Great writing as usual Paul, and spot on.. All the best in your new endeavours x

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