Here Comes The Night Time.

I’m struggling to commit to editing at the moment. The whole thing feels like a lot of hard work, which is probably because it is. I know that I’ll get to it in my own good mystical time but for now I just need to get the words out of my head and onto the page about how I feel at this exact moment in time.

I asked a lot of people if they would be able to review the opening three chapters and the response was overwhelming. I’ve now had five different opinions and it’s all a bit overwhelming. I love writing . I hate editing. There’s so much more creativity and room when you initially put something down. It’s when you’re trying to make sense of it for anyone else that it suddenly becomes a lot harder to formulate and control. All the little asides and changes that you think make sense to you no longer make sense to anyone else and you find yourself justifying it and trying to capture what it is you thought was there in the first place.
In the cold light of day, they are right. They want what is best and they’re offering something whole and good in their opinion.

So thank you to you all, I am taking it all on board and trying to become a better writer and create the best novel possible as a result of your input. It is very much appreciated and we are all working towards this becoming something special.






One response to “Here Comes The Night Time.”

  1. Sarah Avatar

    Hi Paul

    Your writing is top notch so never doubt your abilities. When it comes to marketing and sales, your lovely mischievous demeanour helps you reach your goals.

    Thrilled our paths crossed.

    Sjb x

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