I didn’t know Anthony Bourdain.
I don’t claim to.
I can’t imagine what his friends and family have been going through in the last couple of weeks.

It just served as a reminder that despite having the life that a lot of us are striving towards, ithe black dog doesn’t stop barking at the door.

Bourdain was cool. A friend recently described him as a culinary Hunter Thompson. I don’t know how either would feel about the comparison aside from the obvious, that they were gifted and that they made the decision to take their own lives.

I’m not going to dwell on the man much because it’s not my place to but he had a heart and a spirit that I greatly admired. He traveled, he ate and he wrote. I looked up to him as someone who was closely linked to the life I most wanted to live. He celebrated what it was to live fully and to embrace other cultures. He made no attempt to pretend to understand anything he didn’t and listened and engaged with others. He seemed cool, punk as fuck and very kind.

I’ll be spending the next couple of weeks working my way through everything I can read or watch about him and remembering a man who broke the mold.

Thank you Anthony.






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