New Year’s Day, 2018.

Don’t listen to anyone who wants to put you down for your “new year, new me” rhetoric. I think the new year is an amazing opportunity to start afresh and whatever way that chooses to present itself is important.

I’m taking January 2018 as an opportunity to regroup and reassess. I have a number of projects that I want to start up this year and I’ll be taking this time to work out what I am going to focus on and when. As part of this I am removing myself from social media and taking part in Veganuary. The good news is that you won’t see me going on about being vegan because I won’t be on Twitter. Hooray for you!

Take 2018 as a new chance to do more of what you enjoy with the people that you love. It’s key.

…and here’s to hoping that it doesn’t follow in the wake of 2017 as an international shitshow.






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