Sell Sell Sell

Earlier this year I was out for a drive with my best boy Scott Rose. We were listening to a bunch of rough demos I had recorded for what I planned on being my second album. The songs were ok and I had spent a reasonable amount of time on them so when Scott said that he didn’t think they grabbed his attention enough I realised I had put them together for the sake of it and could do a lot better.
The conversation moved on to pop music, and if I thought I could write something cheesy and popular and give up any kind of credibility I had for myself. I decided to conduct some kind of test and ended up writing thirteen songs where I attempted to bridge the gap between what I do and nonsensical pop.

I ended up with a ten track album I’m calling Sell Sell Sell, after what I plan to do with copies of it which simultaneously references that great scene in Trading Places. A lot of the songs are about love. There are terrible rhymes and even a spoken word piece. If you’re a fan of Paul Schiernecker then why not download Sell Sell Sell now.






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