Time. Lord!

In the last couple of weeks I have been handed some pretty heavy reminders of exactly how time is escaping me. It is also escaping you. This occurs at the same rate. We have that in common. It may seem that it takes longer, especially when you are looking forward to something, or even when being dragged through the rigmarole of something you don’t want to be a part of. The important thing I am coming to realise is to brace the whole damn lot of it.

I read recently that if you were to consider the time the Earth has existed as a twenty-four hour clock then humans would have been around for one minute and seventeen seconds. I couldn’t even Google that information in that time. 

This week I ran into someone I was at university with. They reminded me that it has been close to a decade since we started university. I try to think back to who I was and who I was, what I was into and how bad my hair looked and it is hard to imagine it is even the same person. Similarly I caught up with a friend recently and we couldn’t even establish how long it had been since we had last seen one another. It felt recent because of our mutual adoration of social networking but in reality was something along the lines of six years.
I think of myself in years gone by as a character that I’ve grown out of, that I can pull material from, but not as someone who existed within the body I am now in, that assisted in me becoming who I am now. We may share an awful lot of history but we feel entirely removed from one another. Catching up with friends is very important to me. It seems that as time goes by the importance of maintaining contact is stretched further. What I once considered a long period of time to be alone is now never enough. Waiting on anything is never as drastic as it was as a child. The reason for this, and I’m sure I can’t stake a claim to the theory is that as you grow older your slice of life grows, fewer things become new, become adventures, become changes. You fall into a pattern because you have experienced a lot of what is to offer. 
I’m not trying to claim that I’m some kind of world-weary seen it all type but the day to day just ticks by because it is just that. This is why when you get an opportunity to go off somewhere, or you’re offered a gig, or you are invited out to the woods after midnight you pull on your longcoat and you start walking. 
I would hate to get to a point where I regretted the decisions I had made. 







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