This week has been absolutely crazy. I don’t really know where my head is at. This is the first time I’ve been able to sit down and chill for a moment. There is a lot going on. 

Between family stuff, flat-purchasing stuff, music, writing and performance stuff including hosting a variety show at The Alex in two weeks I haven’t had much time to process all of the crazy things that go on in my little life. It’s quite overwhelming. 

I thought I would take this opportunity to drop a quick update on all of the things that are currently pending:

I have found a proof-reader for The Stamp Collective who is currently working her way through it with the finest of toothcombs to spot any accidental transatlanticals that may have snuck their way up in there. 
I have also confirmed with the great Adam Gardner (who designed the cover for Where Did All The Money Go? and co-curates Charlie’s Hand Movements) that I want him to design the cover of The Stamp Collective. 
I will then look to set a date to have a launch night for the book with some wine and some performances.
I’m really excited about getting it out to people. It will be my first novel and it means an awful lot to me. Things that have occurred in my personal life this week have amplified and magnified my thoughts on it and within it and I want people to get to grips with that. 
I’ve also got some great ideas for promotional materials. It’s one of the few books I can think of that has its own soundtrack (High Fidelity and Nick & Norah spring to mind though).
I’ve agreed to perform at the next Tales & Ales night for Old Trunk, and will be reading an extract from The Stamp Collective. 

In addition I have been hard at work for my performance for High Variety. There’s a mix of different things put on including music, comedy, juggling and escapology and I can’t wait to be a part of it. I’ve been working on some comedy songs which I’m trying to segue into the night as part of my hosting patter. I’m genuinely excited and nervous about it. 

I’ve also been redrafting my Sahara journal – Yallah! Again, I may have to bend Adam’s arm to design something for the cover and plan to then self-publish that even if it is solely for the reference of those I trekked the desert with. It was an incredible experience and one I am glad to have taken the time to document. 

Things are still going to plan with the flat, or as far as I know they are. I’m in a strange no-man’s-land where I am being promised things are being done and we are moving forwards but there is nothing specific in sight yet. 

Be safe.






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