Here’s Looking At You – an almost review.

In what they considered to be a joke at my expense my good fiends Terri and Sarah bought me the chick-flickiest book they could find as a Christmas present. They made me swear I would review it. Here is that review.

Here’s Looking At You is good in the way any vacuous post-millennial, heavily-abbreviated for the kidz literature can be. It’s about a girl who is fat and finds out that if she is thin men will do outrageously over-the-top gestures for her fair hand and fairer mound.

Anna was bullied at school, for being the textbook kind of unappealing that children prey upon as though it were a weakness. She eventually breaks free of this to become unrecognisably and acceptably hot. At this point, failing to make any of her Internet dates work out she runs into the bastard James Fraser from school. He’s so handsome and cruel and I bet she can’t change him by page 431. Oh wait.

Through a tenuous back story involving apps and Theodora they are forced into a working relationship. It gives Anna the chance to get back at the boy but instead she starts to fall for him like a shmuck. They fight. He pays for her sister’s wedding dress when she gets into a lot of debt in a lovely attempt at character development and social commentary and then they end up together.
The lesson here is that you can buy your way out of anything and that you need to be thin to snare a man.
It’s cut and paste stuff, but it’s done well.

I quite liked the cat.






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