Kit list.

As many of you should know I am headed for the Sahara in October, trekking 100km to raise money for The Prince’s Trust [read more]. I’m paying for the trek myself but I could really do with begging, stealing or borrowing a lot of the essential kit I will need.
If anyone I know has the following and is willing to lend them to me through October then please let me know before I buy them for myself.

Large rucksack/kit bag.
Sleeping bag (2 – 3 season mummy bag preferably).
Head torch.
Water bottle/canteen (1 litre capacity).
Indiana Jones style hat.
I will cross items through as they’re offered to me.

If I manage to collect all of these items and not pay out I’ll donate my expected expenditure to The Prince’s Trust.

Anyone who does give me any of the above will get an honorary mention in whatever form my creativity takes after this (if I make it through). There are talks of a video blog and a book.






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