Telling Tales.

Last night I gave my first public reading of part of my book of short stories.
To say I was nervous would be an understatement.
I get nervous about any kind of performance, in fact I said to Sadie who was co-co-hosting the night that if I wasn’t nervous before I performed I would worry.
So I did my Eminem in 8 Mile bit, ironically a reference used in the very story I decided to read from, and then I sat and listened to brilliant people perform poignant and delicate and beautiful and poetic and perfectly comedically timed and balanced readings and performances and started to lose my Glastonbury tan. I hate the person I become before I have to get up and do anything, I always try and bargain my way out of it, usually to Kate.
Fortunately she told me to stop being a baby, and that I would love it once I was up, and I really did.

It was such a cool thing to be asked to be a part of, and I truly felt the love in the room. Everyone was very nice, and I sold four copies of my book, and met some cool people and I would love to do it again. Going home was somewhat sobering, and work today was even more so, but it’s just a little step, and one I’m very proud of, and I thank Sarah & Sadie & Jo & Ray for putting the night on, and whoever thought of me for thinking of me, and the receptive audience and that’s enough of my nonsense, watch it:






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