The worst decision I made all week.

Hello, and welcome to another edition of ‘The worst decision I made this week’ and here’s your host, I am!
The worst decision I made this week was considering cancelling plans with a friend. As you may have gathered I am no social butterfly. When I leave the house it is for work or Kate as a general rule. I realise this sounds like an awful way to conduct oneself. I also spend a lot of time in queues if that makes you feel better about it.

Last night I just couldn’t be bothered. I had a full on day at work and I just wanted to go home and wallow. The ball wasn’t in my court though fortunately.
The friend I had planned to meet up with is my longest serving friend, he top trumps the lot of you. I don’t know what I’m going to say about him so we will just initial this one. My friend S had tried calling me a couple of times during the day. I text him and had not received a response by the time I left work. I started towards the train station figuring it gave him another half hour to get his arse in gear while I either walked to our arranged meeting place or jumped on a train. I was very undecided.
He called and there was just something in his voice. I realised we hadn’t seen each other in two years and there was too much unsaid we needed to catch up on.
After a couple of beers in Soho I confessed to him I had thought about ducking out or cancelling or taking a rain check whatever the fuck that means. He understood completely. We both work in quite highly strung industries and he agreed there are days when you need to just lock yourself away and respect your own privacy.
He’s right, as usual, but I sometimes go too far the other way.

S has always been the outgoing powerhouse of the pair of us but seeing him last night I could tell something had changed. He still has the spirit and we talked about it at great length but he is being heavily oppressed and put upon by those above. I hate seeing him like that and the areas we are both working in are no what we should be doing at all but a man has gotta eat.
So eat we did.

After eight beers we wandered the confused side streets of east London until we found a Mexican cantina. This might be the booze talking but wow, that was some good Mexican. I’m pretty sure we were taken for being a couple but I could do an awful lot worse.
It was nice to see the pressure of the day leave our shoulders, all of that stuff becomes nothing when you’re with a friend who shares the dream and shares the drive and just gets it.
I’m very lucky we have managed to stay so connected when months tick by in the way they do.
No matter where we get to and what we are doing there is something going back and forth and long may it continue.
My parting words were “don’t let the bastards grind you down”.
I hope you get to read this one S, and I’ll see you soon.







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