My friend doesn’t like the freelance work I do. He says I am purposely trying to be pretentious about the films I choose. He makes a good point. I am not however at the stage where I can pick and choose work. I get what I’m given, like an orphan in a workhouse or a crack whore.
I know I write differently for other people to how I write for myself but that’s the nature of the beast. You can’t use colloquialisms and abuse in public writing. Some of the things I write on my personal blog are libellous. That’s why they stay here. I have different pockets for different writers within me. How is that for pretentious and wanky?

I am sorry if you don’t like the way I write reviews though. I thought you’d dig how cool it is I’m getting to do it in the first place.
Just stick to the blog. You know I’ll always write about you on the blog.






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