“I’m not going home, not really”.

Yesterday I started watching the Harry Potter films. I don’t think I’ve seen Philosopher’s Stone and Chamber Of Secrets all the way through since they were in the cinema.
A few things caught my attention for which I took to Twitter to be poignant and hilarious. If you’re lucky enough to follow me you may have noticed I got the two films the wrong way round and was rightfully pulled up on it by Stacy.

The reason we are watching the Harry Potter films is there are talks of it being a birthday present to visit the Harry Potter Studio Tour. I can’t be sure because Kate is doing ever so well to keep it hush, hush. I just have an inkling.

It’s amazing watching the first two films how terrible child actors can be. I know it’s the biggest franchise…. ever? I’m pretty sure that’s right. I’ll wait for one of you to correct me as you’re inclined to. I think it is the biggest selling name of all time. That’s pretty incredible for one person to have come up with. Let this be a lesson to you all.






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