Back to Mac.

After starting and stopping for the last month I am finally back to work on my MacBook Pro. I won’t go into all the hassle it has been but everything seems to be working again and I’m steaming ahead with my creative genius.

As it turns out I have lost pretty much everything I have done in the last two years but that won’t stop me. I’ve got it all in my head. I spend 90% of my time thinking about these projects, there are entire scenes played out in my head as I get the train or take walks across London in the freezing cold. The important thing is my finished work is safe. My two novels are safe. Anything else can be rewritten and will be rewritten and I’ll make it better than ever. The versions in my head always excel the first draft anyway so I’m moving up and moving on. Today I’m writing up the screenplay of a short story I lost last week. It’s hopefully going to be made into a short film. That’s the kind of thing I hold onto. 






2 responses to “Back to Mac.”

  1. Andrew (@Andrew__C) Avatar

    I know it’s all hindsight, but definitely get onto google docs or at least dropbox. I’ve started to treat my mac like a public computer, with nothing saved on it. Anyway, consider it a clean slate!

    1. woowoocoolbastards Avatar

      That’s an excellent idea. Ben introduced me to Google Drive a while ago.

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