Shambling back onto the stage.

Last night I had my first gig of 2013.
Last year probably held my lowest playing figures. I tend to just sit in my room and play guitar. I don’t really think about the idea of other people hearing it unless its on YouTube.

I turned up and grew more and more terrified through sound check. There didn’t seem to be any musicians in the ‘cabaret show’ at all. Everyone was powering their way through show tunes. I tentatively got up onstage, and said “I’m sorry. This isn’t from a musical”. There was a titter of laughter from somewhere and I knew everything was going to be okay.

The thing to remember about musical theatre and performing arts and those guys is you have to be an incredible singer to do it. They all were. There wasn’t a bum note or a dry eye in the house and then I got up and performed some accidental slapstick with microphones, leads and a stool before being ready to play.

My setlist was as follows:
– Everybody Want To Be A Cat.
– Get Me To Marrakech.
That was it.

Everyone did two songs. I’ve never had a set that short. I guess it’s how they roll in twirley circles. I was really pleased with my performance and it was well received. I think I was some kind of light relief.

I went to the bar afterwards and got chatting to the only other two guys there who played instruments. The nice thing about open mic type situations is you tend to club together and support the fact you’ve all spent a hideous amount of time strumming away alone in your bedroom.

As it turned out Scott & Anthony were very good and we spent the rest of the evening rubbing each others backs and egos. They’ve asked if I’m free next weekend to jam. We will see what happens.

It was nice to just get out of the house and play. It’s become a rare treat and I’m not entirely sure why.

Pre-gig tradition. Get scared. Hide in the toilet.






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