Lessons of 2013: #1

Don’t try to emulate some kind of MTV Cribs-like lifestyle by taking your thousand pound laptop into the bathroom with you.

My expectation had been to watch the latest episode of Elementary on my laptop while I was in the bath.
My reality is I haven’t had a laptop in three weeks and have to pay well over the odds to get it fixed.

The good news is there is no permanent damage. This brings me to Lesson #2 – Back up your shit.
I don’t think I’ve ever backed up this laptop. I’ve written two complete novels on it, all my music is on there; both the music I’ve made and music I listen to, my pictures, videos. I can’t really think about what I would have done if it had all gone.
I also never deleted the Internet History so I’m sure they all had a good laugh over my appreciation of the female form.

When the genius/tech from Apple called me yesterday he asked if anything had been spilled upon the laptop because what he was seeing was reminiscent of water damage. I held back from screaming “I DIDN’T TAKE IT IN THE TUB” and just played ignorant. That’s always key.

That concludes today’s lesson.
Go back it up now.

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By Paul

Paperback writer.

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