The cornerstone of any nutritious breakfast.

This morning I got up and did some exercise and I definitely feel better for it than if I had just indulged in twenty minutes extra in bed.
I am of the belief that the best time to exercise is when you first wake up, before your body can start piling on the troubles that are going to bundle you throughout the day. Shock it with exercise. It’s like being thrown in an ice bath. It doesn’t even have to be particularly strenuous. I believe I stole the eighteen minute exercise thing from here.
It’s an excellent way of at least doing something if you have a busy day. I only did some basic weight exercises and some yoga stretches but I’ll do a variation on that next time to avoid just becoming a creature of habit as I am in most other aspects of my life.
For example I left the house at seven this morning, I doubt I’ll be home before nine but I know I’ve taken that little step first thing this morning that will keep my mind and body alert. That’s a cornerstone.






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