You may call it a sickness.

Today is the first of December.
I’ve decided to try and start another novel.
I’ve been sat on a trilogy for about four years. I’m going to try and continue the momentum I showed during NaNoWriMo to take me through that. If I continue I should have them all done by March. That’s a big deal. This is something I’ve put off for far too long. I kept promising myself that I would get round to it at some stage but it feels like after writing two novels that I am comfortable within my writing style and can therefore take on a bigger challenge. The first two were fun because they both have roots in truth. This new one is something completely different, complete fantasy, completely of my own imagining. That’s quite a cool thing to start work on, it’s all my image, it’s all my thought and my pattern and whoever knows what else. I just hope it doesn’t leave me any time soon because the joy of writing is something I need.
Stay tuned.
I may hit a wall.






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