NaNoWriMo: Day 16.

Word count: 37,403.
Recommended word count: 27,672.
Proposed word count: 40,000.

Did some excellent work yesterday. Finally managed to finish chapter eight which is going to be the longest of them all. I originally planned to write ten chapters but its looking like I’m going to do eleven including the closer/ explanation/ emotional roller coaster.
I’m now in unmanned territory. I’m writing about things that I don’t know. My characters are in a city/ country/ continent that I’ve never visited and I’m sort of having to wing it. The story is still onboard though. That’s the thing I have in my favour.
I also probably made a faux paid in choosing to set my novel in a time before iPhones because ordinarily that would solve everything for me. Oh woe. On we go.






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