NaNoWriMo: Day 15.

Word count: 34,572.
Recommended word count: 25,005.
Proposed word count: 36,000.

We are now halfway through the month. As my good friend Sam pointed out to me last night I could write two novels in the month. I’m good but I’m not that good. I was saying to Ali last night that it is good to work with the pressure on. I’ve told so many people that I’m doing this that there is no way I would dare lose face by not achieving it.
The fact of the matter is that Visions Of Violet will not be exactly 50,000 words long. I can already see that I’m going over. The chapter I’m working on is already over the proposed word count I devised per chapter, and I’ve decided to add in an extra chapter anyway.
I did see that one of my ‘writing buddies’ on the site has 60k already. Well done to them but please, go get some air.

Last night I went to see some friends perform improvised comedy. It was brilliant. It’s amazing to see how they can form jokes and ideas out of nothing. It’s something I don’t really give enough respect to when we are working together.

Right. Must write. Must win. Bye.






One response to “NaNoWriMo: Day 15.”

  1. limebirdwriters Avatar

    Congrats! I’m really behind this year, but hoping to catch up soon 🙂 Beth

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