NaNoWriMo: Day 9.

Word count: 22,129
Recommended word count: 15,003
Proposed word count: 24,000

Good morning. I am dog tired. It’s for a good reason though and I can’t really complain. Last night I was out on a freelance writing assignment. The Korean Film Festival is on in London at present and although I can’t sit here and review the film (because that’s my job) I can tell you that it comes thoroughly recommended. I left my day job at five and then headed across the river and walked to Charing Cross. I then got impressively lost and had to ask a kindly gentleman where the ICA was.

Rushing inside I gave my name and was informed I was on the guestlist. I don’t think I’ve ever been on a guestlist before but I tried my best not to make it a big thing. I’m a professional. I have shoes and a keen intellect. I will not show myself up. I headed into the darkened cinema screen and after struggling to differentiate people from seats eventually found an aisle seat that wasn’t taken. I sat down.
It was my first trip to the cinema on my own and I do recommend it even if you do feel a bit self conscious when you catch yourself laughing along with the strangers alongside you that you have given names and personalities to. I also recommend visiting the ICA in general, they have a legacy of excellent exhibits and film programs on as long as you aren’t rushing through.

As I said I won’t review the film here because I’ve been assigned that as a job but I will say it was a comedy/drama set in the Korean forces in the late 1980’s and that you should keep your eyes on ScreenGeek in the coming weeks for their report on the film festival and reviews of the films shown.

Now I must return to my day job, but tonight I will head out once more as my super-alter-ego; The Reviewer.






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