NaNoWriMo: Day 8.

Word count: 20,004
Recommended word count: 13,336
Proposed word count: 22,000

I’ve sort of lost track of what day it is.
It’s weird but it isn’t the writing which is dragging me in, down, backwards, wherever. It’s trying to do other things. As it goes this week is spectacularly busy compared to my usual rota of thinking.
Last night I performed with the very talented folks of Laughter Academy in a two hour improvised comedy show. It was a really good night and one that I thoroughly enjoyed once I managed to suppress the urge to just break down and cry onstage. We also raised £68 for The Prince’s Trust who I am currently fundraising for ahead of my trip to the Sahara next year.
Finishing the show I know it takes about an hour to return to a regular heart rate so told my brother to wait in the car while I caught up with people after the show. An hour later I wandered out into the night and headed home.
I say it a lot but I feel very fortunate to have met them all, and to be able to share a stage with them.

Right. Must write. Must stay awake. Must burn.

Pre-show tradition: hide in the toilets.






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