Gooooood morning.

This morning I got up early, went for a run and then worked on my fifth short story (which is currently called Home). My car is finally back in the road so I was able to clear out some more stuff that’s been suffocating me. That’s another two bags of clothes and a box of books done. It was pretty easy to do. It makes choosing what to wear an awful lot easier when you only own things you like and need. I think I could cut back further. My only worry is what I’ll do as it approaches winter and I own one pair of jeans (with holes in both knees).

That’s enough of that though. When I went for a run this morning I couldn’t help but notice my hands went numb from the cold. I worry that my writing shed might be a bit too cold to operate out of, might watch that Dahl video again to work out how he avoided freezing.






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