I like writing in my shed.

You will be pleased to know that I am following in the footsteps of my heroes Roald Dahl and Papa John and have taken to working and enjoying life, in a shed. It was something I had talked about doing for a long time and the other day I was griping about my need to find somewhere quiet to sneak off to and write and my friend Stacy on Tumblr suggested I get myself a writing shed. I thought this over and realised there are two sheds which are virtually unused in our garden. I have been out there this morning, thrown out a couple of hamster cages and a broken swingball set and propped up a table and a foldaway chair. It’s pretty humble but it’s not like I’m going Kerouac in LT here, or even Justin Vernon, I just want to be able to run off for a couple of hours, hammer away (especially now NaNoWriMo is on the horizon) and feel that it is a job well done when I return to the house.

I’ve just had a look at what Dahl had going on and it is incredible. He had the most comfortable looking armchair, and all his personal affects, and soundproofing. Wow, what a shed. I have shed envy. This has never happened before. Am I a man now?






One response to “I like writing in my shed.”

  1. Terri Ham Avatar
    Terri Ham

    You need to be in my shed it has electricity, a freezer and a tv!!

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