Just a thing real quick…

If you’re going to offer up someone advice, make sure it’s beneficial.
It’s something that has been bothering me since I brief exchange I had with someone at work.
She asked how my novel was going and I said that I had sent it off to ten agents, that I’d had rejection letters from three but I’d see how it went with the rest.
The next thing she said was this;
“Well, the odds of getting it published are like winning the lottery”

I don’t need to know that. I don’t want to know that.
I’m just trying to get something done. I’m trying to achieve something, I’m not interested in odds, or statistics or numbers, I deal in words, and my words are important to me, so watch yours.
All you have to say is ‘good luck with that’ and walk away, that’s all the justification I need.
I’m aware it’s a hard vocation I’ve dived into, I’m trying my best, just have a little courtesy and a little patience around the area, it’s a sensitive issue, in case you couldn’t tell.






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