Collected thoughts on this, 4th September

Last night I wrote over two thousand words, watched three episodes of Wilfred and prepared dinner for tonight.

The writing was the third short story for my collection (of ten) and I’m finding it a lot easier this time around, maybe because it’s a lot easier to intensely focus on five to ten thousand words than it is on a hundred thousand. The stories are all pretty steeped in fact, and I’m hoping they’re true to everyone involved. That’s what I want, for people to be interested.

I watched the whole of the first series of Wilfred and didn’t even know a second series had started (because I don’t have a teevee/am such a woowoofreespirit) so it was only when Jocasta mentioned it that I knew I had to re-engage. For anyone who hasn’t seen it Wilfred is a dark comedy series staring Elijah Wood and Jason Gann, I don’t want to say too much about it because discovering it on suggestion is much better than having the whole thing unraveled for you.

Tonight I’m cooking dinner for my little tinkle’ead girlfriend so I tried to prep as much as possible so she doesn’t spend hours waiting for food, because she is liable to go Incredible Hulk on my soft furnishings if she’s kept from food.

Anyway, back to my smut.






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  1. Hollyhock Avatar

    Hollyhock here.
    I am Hollyhock.
    Keep it up.

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