Holy hell…

…where’s my head at. I’ve just woken up and experienced one of those truly panicking moments where I wasn’t entirely sure who I was, it felt really strange.
I’ve got over it and made a cup of tea now so I am fairly sure it’s going to be okay.
Last night I was out on the tiles for the second night in a row, as you may have noticed I rarely go near any tiles, let alone go out on them two nights running, oh no, this metaphor is dead…

I think the important thing to note is that it is still an important thing to do. While I don’t appreciate getting ‘spandangled’ (as Joe would put it) every night anymore it is sometimes nice to drink too many Jagerbombs and try to win the Gold for Paralympics dancing. That’s what I can remember of last night. I knocked up a couple of jugs of mojitos for the twin’s birthday and then we headed out. It all got a bit strange from there. I got a tweet from my friend Wes, and then I descended into madness. Brilliant.

I can’t really remember a lot else, all I know is that it wasn’t even eleven and I was yawning and then the next thing I knew Wes, Charlie and I were dancing and it was coming up on 3am. I’d class that as having a good time. Now I need to clear my head with a shower and do a wee bit of writing before going out for lunch.






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