Last post on the bugle.

I’ve just sent ten copies of my novel out to literary agents. I’m really pleased with myself for getting it done and I’m not completely destroyed by the idea that I could get ten rejection letters, the important thing is that it is out there now.

I believe in the story and think that at some point and in some form it will be published, I just need to hold out. My next task is to complete the set of short stories I’ve started and stopped a couple of times in recent months. The plan for those is to launch them as a free download through eBooks or Kindle, just to get something out there and to have people reading my work. The short stories collection is currently called Where Did All The Money Go?, I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned it to you before but it’s a number of adventures, anecdotes and incidents which I couldn’t squeeze into the novel itself, it will include some of the same characters and explore those mentioned in the novel. I’m quite excited about doing it because I feel a lot more comfortable with short stories than I do with a novel, it’s a lot less pressure to string the story out, you can get straight to the nuts and bolts of it.
In the meantime if anyone wants to read my novel Situation One then please let me know.







One response to “Last post on the bugle.”

  1. Abby Avatar

    I think that’s the most important thing — getting your stuff “out there.” Who knows what will happen after that. 🙂

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