Finally, a beautiful day.

I’m sat in the garden. That’s quite a revelation given the recent outbursts of weather.
This morning I got up and ran five miles.
Then I cleaned the bathroom.
Now I’m trying to get some work done.
It’s hard to concentrate when you can’t see your screen, you can just see your wonderfully pale shoulders glaring back at you in reflection.
I’m struggling to stay focused on anything, I’m pulling myself about way too much. Just need to stay the course, work out what I’m doing and stick to it, otherwise it’ll be another six months treading water and the start of another year where I promise myself that I’m going to get things going.
Yesterday I actually managed to sit down and shortlist ten literary agents that I’m going to send my novel off to. This was a depressing step. It’s quite impressive the number of agents who refuse to accept unsolicited or first time writers. You’d think that defeats the whole object of their position but what do I know. The important thing to note is that in the next week I should be sending my novel off to all of them, and then sitting by the front door like a dog waiting for those rejection letters so I can frame them all.
I’ve sort of sidelined my music for the time being because I’m just not happy with anything I do, which obviously points to the fact that I’m not actually able to create what I want, that it will always fall short and that I need to reevaluate.
In the meantime I’m going to catch some sun because I’m low on whatever vitamin you get from sunlight, and I’m going to drink some whiskey, and think of a time when I won’t have to moan about my first world problems.







2 responses to “Finally, a beautiful day.”

  1. Abby Avatar

    I got tired of rejection letters, I decided to self-publish my novella (tba release date). I suppose it’s not the road everyone takes (as a former MA English student I know that), but I think it might be interesting.

    1. woowoocoolbastards Avatar

      That’s an avenue I am looking into.
      My plan is to try and sell it and if that doesn’t work I’d like to self publish just to get people reading my work.
      Thanks for reading and let me know when and how I can get hold of your novel.

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