Mancrush Friday – Sam Riley.

With the knowledge that the film adaptation of On The Road is safely heading our way I thought I’d take today to talk about Sam Riley, the Yorkshire born lad who doesn’t look right without a popped up collar and a cigarette dangling from his lips.

Riley has a habit of picking these characters; Pinky, Milo, Ian, strung out, dark anti-heroes of the purest order but each has their own quips and characteristics. I’ve read that this all had to change to take on Kerouac’s thinly veiled character Sal Paradise and I’m really looking forward to it (despite how disappointing the majority of favourite books to film transfer has been). He attended a beat camp alongside others from the film in order to immerse themselves in the culture of the time, and to bond. I’m hoping the film that emerges still holds that heart.

The important thing to note about Riley is that he hasn’t just jumped on any chance to appear onscreen, he knows he can afford to maintain a certain standard, and that the offers are all there off the back of his role in Control. It’s an artists integrity that is so rare in this day and age and something I greatly admire.







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