Mancrush Friday – Andrew Garfield.

Oh Andrew with your gentle face.
Oh Andrew your hair is nice, you look so tousled, want a cuddle?
I probably shouldn’t have seen The Amazing Spiderman this week, it’s done weird things to my mind tank. Today I am briefly going to outline why Garfield is such a flipping dreamboat.

It feels as if he has been on the slow burn, as far as I know Spiderman was his first lead role. Scratch that, he was the male lead in Never Let Me Go right? Although he appeared in a couple of big budget pictures it doesn’t feel like he was thrown in your face as the new poster boy (like for example Zac Efron was).

The fact is that Garfield not only holds his own as Spiderman, one of the big American franchises, he also makes you forget that anyone else has done it. That’s the mark of a good actor. While I’d hope in time to see a bit more range in him what we are seeing is a brilliant emerging actor.

I think his poster will be on my wall for years to come. That might be a joke.







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