Rain on me.

This morning you find me tucked up in my girlfriend’s bed. She has made me tea and is preparing for work. Even with the blinds drawn I can see the grey of Sunday and hear the rain. It’s a different rain to Paris though, I’m bothered by it.

Yesterday I did actually manage to get some work done in between running about but I need to go back to it today to see if it is worth a damn. That’s the rule of working. Give it a day to settle before you look at it again. There have been far too many occasions where I’ve continuously tried tweaking and resolving issues I thought I was having only to find on inspection that I’d royally fucked the whole lot up and It was fine as it was before.

I also spent some time with a very good friend of mine for lunch yesterday. We realised that we hadn’t seen each other in about three months and came up with the genius move of going to play mini golf in Southend. I often forget that I live near enough in a seaside town. Southend never feels the way Brighton or Bournemouth do to me though. With the sporadic patches of brilliant sun we had I enjoyed some time away from my desk with someone who makes me laugh and genuinely cares about what I’ve been up to. That’s what friendship is.






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