Back to standard every day work. It’s not that I don’t enjoy my job, it’s just that the last two weeks (at my leisure) have shown me the life I want. I can sit and write or make music for days on end, I can spend some quality time with my girlfriend, I can get things in motion.

I miss Paris. I know that’s the point of a holiday but I don’t usually get this hung up on things. It is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen (if not the most) and I got to enjoy it all with the girl I love.

I think what this two weeks has given me is an insight into how things could be if everything goes my way, if I get picked up by an agency or a publisher and catapulted. I know it’s unlikely but a boy has to dream, otherwise what is there?


2 thoughts on “Grindhouse.

  1. It makes me smile when I read what you’ve written about Paris; like we’re all in on a secret. Paris when you are in love is a totally different Paris I think. I’ve seen it with a happy heart with the one I love and a broken heart by myself and I think I love it equally for different reasons, and miss it terribly.

    If you have to explain that feeling to someone then Paris just isn’t for them… harsh maybe but fair?

    • Thank you for the comment Justine. It was completely different to when I’d visited before, and I know that’s the reason. I didn’t think it was possible but I’m actually closer to my girlfriend now that we’ve been to Paris together. I’m so pleased I could share it with her.


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