I would like to dedicate this post to the fine fellows who saved me from standing awkwardly in the corner of a nightclub last night and took me away to weed, Bram Stoker’s Dracula and talk of the future.

It was one of those nights where no matter what I tried I just wasn’t going to get drunk, and dance about and have a whale of a time. It was good to see my friends, as it always is, but the dynamic of my favourite watering holes appears to be changing. There was a time when everyone in there looked so cool or mental that you felt you were really part of something, last night it was like a One Direction video. I guess it’s just further proof that I’m getting older, that things can’t stay the same and that we are doomed to repeat our mistakes.

I’d been abandoned by my friends who were in the pursuit of girls with low self esteem when an old school friend spotted me, and said he was off if I wanted to walk back with him. I’m a firm believer in signs, and I took this as such. I wouldn’t say it was fate but when somebody offers a change in environment a lot of the time I will accept it (as long as it doesn’t involve leaving my beloved Essex). I think that comes from ‘accepting and building’ at Improv, that’s the basis of it all. You take whatever someone says, you accept it – ‘Yes, I will leave this disenchanted hole’ – and then you build – ‘Shall we get high?’ – incredible things can happen just on that basis.

Got to bed at four after downing beans on toast, woke at ten and cracked on with some work.
Accept and build.






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