Dedicated Follower of Fiction.

Today marks the start of my two weeks down time from office work. I have set it upon myself to continue to work, because I am still trying to be who I can be, the game is afoot as Shakespeare famously wrote. The reason being that I am finally happy with my novel, I have spent the last year writing it, crying over it, and fine tuning it and it’s ready for the off. I’ve also taken the time to research a number of literary agents and publishers and have shortlisted a few who should be receiving my manuscript within the next week. These are exciting times for me. It’s the culmination of a dream I’ve had since childhood, to be a published author but it’s only in the last two years that I’ve realised it’s what I want to do completely, and that little else satisfies me in the way that sitting on my own in the dark, hammering away at the illuminated keys does.

Today I must write up the additional information that needs to go with the first three chapters for submission and then it should be all go on Monday. I can’t wait to hear back, even if it’s just a rejection, because that’s not what matters, it’s all a part of the progress and the process and I feel happy within and without. I am at peace.






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