I apologise in advance that this is going to be a boring blog post, I’m not even going to blast it over the usual mediums, I just need to process something and this is the first way I thought of doing it, I might as well have scrawled it on a bit of paper.

I’ve been considering turning this into an actual website, rather than it just serving as a blog. The plan is to have one place, one website where I can share my blog, music, videos and stories with you, at the moment I don’t know what I’d call it because WooWooCoolBastards is a bit too heavy handed to serve as a title. I’d like to think that the comments I get directly through WordPress and on Twitter and Facebook would continue to grow, along with my views, which have risen with each passing month since I started the blog in February.

I find it quite infuriating having to jump back and forth through different social networks trying to drum up interest and hope in time people will sign up to receive notification of any additional posts by email and then I’ll stop berating everyone all the time to pay me attention.

Apologies again, I’ll be funny or something tomorrow.






One response to “Housekeeping.”

  1. Justine Avatar

    There’s something mentally and creatively disconcerting flicking between Twitter/ Facebook and your blog, I find. Like the 140 characters rule or the ghastly timeline constrain you to just get your thoughts out there. (I have been blogging A LOT, today, can you tell?) Look forward to seeing if you “take the plunge”.

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