Mancrush Friday – George Harrison.

I’m a massive Beatles fan, I have been since I was seven years old and the first proper song I learnt at my piano lessons was With A Little Help From My Friends. The thing I always had wrong about them, well for the majority of my adoration, was that it was all about Lennon and McCartney. It was only when I was at University and was sat down one night with a few joints and a copy of A Concert For George that I started to realise how wrong I had been.

George Harrison or ‘the quiet one’ as he was often known was by far the best guitarist of the Beatles, and was ahead of the curve in terms of form. He could also throw together a brilliant song, an element that the Beatles only seemed to accept later in their career (See: Here Comes The Sun, Something, Sun King). As further evidence his Let It Roll has more plays on my iTunes than Lennon’s solo efforts. I had to delete McCartney’s because it was so twee it made my gums hurt.

What makes Harrison a crush for me is the fact that he was just in it for the music, he would not put it down. He wrote with Clapton, Orbison, Dylan and Petty, he just wanted to make great music and that’s what his legacy will always be, as a musician, and a songwriter and a good old boy.







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