Mancrush Friday – Johnny Depp.

This is the big one. I have such a mancrush on Johnny Depp that my girlfriend has to accept that there is a very real chance that I will give up on a normal life to just follow him until the restraining order prevents me from doing so.

I think the first Johnny Depp film I saw was Ed Wood. It probably wasn’t the best place to start and I don’t remember being that concerned about either the actor or the film. That was easily a decade ago and I tried watching it again recently and it still doesn’t really grab me that much as a story.

The thing about Depp isn’t just that he’s an incredibly beautiful man. It also stems from the fact that he is a very gifted actor and an outsider. I love an outsider, people who don’t fit in are the most interesting people, everyone knows that. Those that are left out work harder to be something worthwhile and that’s just what Depp has managed to achieve. He only started acting to subsidise his band and look where it has taken him. I was watching footage of him playing with Alice Cooper at the Dark Shadows premiere and at the 100 Club in London a couple of months ago, the guy just oozes cool constantly. There’s almost a parallel to Jack White (who I wrote about for Mancrush Friday last week). You get the impression that there is nothing false about the way they conduct themselves, and that they are entirely confident in what they do, and how they do it, and that shines through to me as being confidence.

I think that’s probably where my affection for these men stems from, it’s not that I want to be with them (ed: that’s a lie, I do) but it’s that I want to be like them, to be as sure of myself in what I do. The men that appeal to me are the ones who cut their own path, it’s something I admire greatly.






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