Why I started giving a crap.

This might come off as a bunch of hippie shit, it might just be nonsense, I don’t care either way. Today I have made the heavy handed move of putting my name in for the London Marathon 2013. While this might be a brilliant idea in theory it means I’m probably going to have to physically work harder than I ever have before on something that I would have balked at previously. The reason I’m doing it is that I’ve started giving a crap.

As previously mentioned on this blog I was fascinated by the 27 Club and was sure I was destined to join them, I have realised that this would be inadvisable as I haven’t actually achieved any of the things I set out to do, I haven’t released any albums, haven’t published any books, I probably wouldn’t be welcomed by Jimi, Kurt and the like. This development has meant that I actually now have a lot more time to get things done, which means I would like to do those things in a fairly decent state of health hence why I have quit smoking and cut down on my drinking, and as it turns out socialising, in order to get these things done in a practical sense and also to try and limit my chances of getting cancer before I get to enjoy the fruits of my labour. Unfortunately for those in my immediate vicinity this has left me with a disgusting lust for life, which means I harp on about doing things. I get up at ridiculous times at the weekend and go running, I give my time and funds to charity and I talk incessantly about ‘the novel’, ‘the script’, ‘the EP’ etc. This is the kind of me that I wouldn’t have even managed previously. The whole thing seems to have culminated in deciding to enter the ballot for the marathon. It just feels like this is going to be the culmination of all that effort at becoming something better than my previous incarnation, perhaps it will be a religious experience, all I know is that my body has recently become a temple and I’m still trying to kick out the vagrants.






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