Cutting loose.

There come times in every one of our lives where we just have to give up to our primal urges, tonight my urge is dance and drink. This year I have pretty much evaporated my alcohol intake for a number of reasons. It feels good to be going to my favourite night spot for the first time in 2012 this evening, it also happens to coincide with the birthdays of two of my dearest friends (neither of which it should be noted are the Queen). 


From writing my novel about silly post teen excesses I’d nearly managed to turn myself off to the concept entirely but there is still that tiny little voice that says ‘come on Paul, don’t be such a boring old cranky bastard already, plenty of time for that, come and show us your moves’, and I listen to that little voice because on the odd occasion it’s the best thing for me to do. Tonight I shall drink and tomorrow I will regret it but human are characters of error and I will do it again sometime in the no too distant future, the thing to remember is that you make good with the time in between. 


Be safe.






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