Why they were right all along.

I went for a bike ride at lunchtime today. I think it’s the first time I’ve ridden a bike since approximately August 2005, they were right, it isn’t something you forget. That wasn’t even the point I was trying to make, that was just (possibly) a fact. The thing that I’ve realised they were right about all along is the benefit of fresh air and exercise.

I have found (since I started my fairly laissez-faire routine) that I breathe deeper and clearer, that my posture is better, that my eyes seem bluer for fucks sake, and it’s all down to the fact that I managed to quit smoking, cut back on my drinking and get out and do something. It’s such a basic thing to do but the benefits are really impressive. I feel brighter. I’m more focused, it’s like everything that Ritalin promises but it’s a natural high. Isn’t that a kicker!

What I’d say is put down the remote control/controller/pipe and go out in the sun for a bit, it’s better than spending five minutes contracting cancer in a UV booth in a pair of paper knickers.

Written in my garden.







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