These days

Nothing can make you miss your glory days like being trapped inside on a beautiful afternoon like this. I’m a writer so I’m not particularly adept to the outside world but how I would love to be a part of it today.

It reminds me of those hot Spring and Summer months at University when we literally had nothing to do, or anything that we did have to do didn’t really matter which in itself felt like a reason to celebrate. This was a time when it didn’t matter how bad I was at sports I still wanted to get out and play. Those were truly the summers that went on forever, in a different and better way to those of my childhood because I was too reserved as a child, I spent too long in my own company. By the age of eighteen I had sort of worked out how to be around people and it was a real delight.

What I miss most are the barbecues on the lawn and the home brewed alcohol and running around campus in just a pair of rolled up skinny jeans and smoking too much and blaring music too loud from the flats so we could hear it on the lawn below.

I didn’t even realise how good it was at the time, or how much I would miss it later. The wonder of hindsight.






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