Tell me why (I’m alright with Mondays)

There was a time when I cursed Monday mornings, and in doing so decided to wrap Sunday evening up in that because it was part of my downfall. There’s a feeling I used to get at about five pm on a Sunday evening that I can only relate to hand in deadlines at University, that grip of fear as it dawns on you that work starts again tomorrow at nine.

I would like to try and offer you some advice, but I don’t know exactly how it will come out or if it will serve any purpose, I haven’t planned a golden rule to give, I’m just going to tell you about what changes I’ve made to embrace Sundays.

I’ve near enough stopped drinking, that was a big one. I was spending every Saturday night in the Brush (nightclub in Rayleigh (if you can call it a nightclub)) and then feeling wholly sorry for myself for the majority of Sunday as a result. I’m sure most of my friends think I’ve abandoned them or gone straight edge or something because it turns out the only time I saw the majority of them was when we were getting drunk. The problem I now have with that particular Saturday night tradition is that it leaves me unable to get my head together to write anything on a Sunday which as a writer isn’t the best thing. I procrastinate at the best of times and a hangover was the perfect excuse to not even start getting anything done. Having cut out drinking (and unfortunately it appears; socialising) I can get between three and five thousand words done in a day, alongside having time to cook, clean, visit relatives, play guitar, watch films and whatever the hell else it is I have been taking up on a Sunday.

Yesterday I got up at seven and went for a run, maybe that did it. I find that I feel much better in myself after running in the mornings, it just sets you up for the day. Once I get in after a run I can’t just lie back and do nothing, my blood is racing for the day, which drives my brothers insane (because they are both all about the hangover).

I guess those are my tips then, cut your drinking, eat well and get some exercise. Is that really anything new?






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