Desert Island Films.

Note: This post is full of spoilers for the films featured. Consider this fair warning. Earlier this year I put together my list of Desert Island Discs, to save me having to go on Radio 4 and discuss them in person. You know me, I don’t like to leave my flat without good cause. This … More Desert Island Films.

My Sweet Lord.

Can we all just take a moment to appreciate George Harrison? I’m sat watching Living in the Material World for the I-don’t-know-how-many-th time and I just adore him and everything that he was about. What an incredible talent and a great man.


I didn’t know Anthony Bourdain. I don’t claim to. I can’t imagine what his friends and family have been going through in the last couple of weeks. It just served as a reminder that despite having the life that a lot of us are striving towards, ithe black dog doesn’t stop barking at the door. … More Bourdain.


Last week I got to enjoy the intoxicating scent of a pre-show toilet freak out. For any of you who have followed my ridiculous antics for a while, you’ll know this is part of my process before I take to the stage. This time it was for my return to improvised comedy. I haven’t taken … More Improv.