• Music Jar – week 47

    This week, it’s time for a legend. There have been other legends but only one was being painted by Lucy in Fear and Loathing. Only one changed the trajectory of a young Richard E Grant’s life. Only one was mentioned and not seen in Liquorice Pizza. That’s right. It’s Barbra Streisand. Now, it’s impossible to […]

  • Music Jar – week 46

    This week, I have even listening to Ella Fitzgerald. It doesn’t take a lot for you to realise what a big deal this has to be. There are so many songs, so many albums and only so much time. So how best to approach one of the biggest and most influential singers of the last […]

  • Music Jar – week 45

    Well, this is a big one. You know her. You love her. This week I have been listening to the mighty Carole King. Does someone of that calibre even need an introduction? Carole King is one of the most adored, prolific and cited American singer-songwriters of the last sixty years. She’s sold an estimated 75 […]

  • Music Jar – week 44

    This week, I have been listening to Ego Ella May, another brilliant recommendation from my mate Becca. Well done, you’ve smashed this project for me. Ego (pronounced: eh-go) Ella May is a singer-songwriter from South London. Her music is a mix of jazz, soul and some cool beats that set it apart from her contemporaries. […]

  • Music Jar – week 43

    This week I have been really enjoying listening to Liverpool’s own, Zuzu. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank my buddy Sam for the recommendation. You know me very well. It seems that Zuzu had somehow slipped under my radar despite being exactly the kind of thing I would be into and should be […]

  • Music Jar – week 42

    This week, I have been listening to Belgian musician, Sylvie Kreusch. You may know her from her previous work with Soldier’s Heart or alongside her boyfriend in Warhaus. I didn’t know either. My thanks to my good friend Sarah for the recommendation. Other than the 2021 album, Montbray, there’s limited work to be found from […]

  • Music Jar – week 41

    This week I have really enjoyed returning to the work of Marina / Marina & The Diamonds. F For those of you who are not aware, Marina Labrini Diamandis (incredible name) is a Welsh-born singer songwriter best known for the singles Hollywood, Primadonna and How to Be a Heartbreaker. She’s pretty incredible. Now, you may […]

  • Music Jar – week 40

    This week, I have discovered Malvina Reynolds – all thanks to Benjy. Now you might not have heard of Melvina but she was an incredible folk singer-songwriter whose song Little Boxes you must have heard. Malvina was born in San Francisco in 1900, and is known for her songwriting as much as her political activism […]

  • Music Jar – week 39

    This week I have been listening to an absolute legend, someone it has been impossible for me not to have some awareness of. A musical legend who inspired everyone from Jeff Buckley to Jordan Gray. It’s Nina Simone! Nina Simone (as if you need me to introduce her) was an American singer-songwriter, activist and pianist. […]

  • Music Jar – week 38

    This week I’ve had the pleasure of listening to Lake Street Dive. My thanks for Benjy Adams for the suggestion, a man who really knows my taste and knows good music. I’ve just realised that the acronym for the band would be LSD. I imagine that’s done on purpose – in the same way that […]