• Music Jar – week 36

    This week, I have been listening to Julia Stone, another female artist I was unaware of until she was brought to my attention as part of this project. This is the first time this year where I’ve really not taken to an artist. There’s something about it that was a little too twee, even for […]

  • Music Jar – week 35

    This week, I have been fortunate enough to listen to nothing but Fiona Apple. I did a lot of this during a 30 hour train ride from New York to New Orleans and immediately fell in love with her music. I always had a theory that I would become obsessed with Fiona Apple as soon […]

  • Music Jar – week 34

    This week, I have mostly been listening to Nubya Garcia, the wonderful composer and saxophonist from London. Not only had I not heard of Nubya, but listening to her music immediately made me assume her music was from the 1950s jazz scene and had been mislabelled on Spotify. In fact, she’s a musical prodigy who […]

  • Music Jar – week 33

    This week, I have been listening to another of Becca’s recommendations – Lil Simz. Lil Simz is a British rapper from north London who now has my heart forever. What an amazing artist who has collaborated with many exciting artists as well as turning her hand to acting. I love to see talented people doing […]

  • Music Jar – week 32

    This week, I have been doing it for the kill by listening to nothing but La Roux. What I discovered was that since 2009, she has continued to make music. La Roux is the combined name for singer Elly Jackson and producer, Ben Langmaid. For a long time, I thought Elly’s performing name was La […]

  • Music Jar – week 31

    This week, I have mostly been listening to Solange, and let me tell you – it’s been an absolute treat. From Solo Star through to When I Get Home, there is a lot to be said about this absolute star. I knew of Solange, but couldn’t have placed any of her songs before this week. […]

  • Music Jar – week 30

    This week, I have mostly been listening to British singer-songwriter Joy Crookes. My thanks to Rebecca for the recommendation. Crookes released her debut album, Skin, in October 2021. That’s what I’ve been digging. Songs like Trouble and 19th Floor are truly something. There’s a wonderful smoky tone to her voice and a heartfelt longing to […]

  • Music Jar – week 29

    This week, it has been my pleasure to listen to Jessie Reyez, the Canadian singer-songwriter you all know and love. As with recent weeks, I wasn’t familiar with Jessie, in the same way I hadn’t heard Jamila or Soko. This is all an education for me. The first thing that drew me in was a […]

  • Music Jar – week 28

    This week I have had the absolute pleasure of listening to Chicago-based singer, poet and songwriter, Jamila Woods. I was unfamiliar with her work until now and let me tell you, it’s fucking cool. There’s a lot of identity politics and black history put not just into her music but also the skits, intros and […]

  • Music Jar – week 27

    This week, I have mostly been listening to French singer-songwriter, Soko. My thanks to my good friend Steph for the recommendation. This feels very you. Stephanie Alexandra Mina Sokolinski (great name) was born in Bordeaux, France – a place I only know of because of its association with the popular Booze Cruises of my childhood. […]