HI ALL, From today you can get my new book The Stamp Collective absolutely free. This is an exclusive five day offer. Click here for Amazon page. If you have a Kindle or the Kindle app on your smartphone then please download it. At this stage I just want to spread my writing like…… Continue reading FREE DOWNLOAD OF THE STAMP COLLECTIVE.

Arts & Culture.

You are not being treated to a post right now because my Kindle is out of batteries and it’s a long commute to just sit and twiddle my thumbs. I hope you’re wondering why there wasn’t the usual update this week. I’m sure you were refreshing and pondering what gold I was going to spray…… Continue reading Arts & Culture.

Further evidence that my friends actually want me dead.

This week in the life of being me I became aware that something very wrong was occurring. As covered in my blog post where I went climbing and couldn’t stop thinking about Cyndi Lauper┬ámy friends seem to be on some kind of ridiculous┬áloving life 2k14 health kick at the moment. I’m hoping it will subside…… Continue reading Further evidence that my friends actually want me dead.

Flat beats.

This week I have become very popular. On Saturday I celebrated my birthday with cake and Dexter Season 5. This meant that everyone felt obliged to let me know how well they wished me. This was of course lovely but the popularity is yet to wane. Every day I receive calls and emails from people…… Continue reading Flat beats.

Fifteen minutes.

Andy Warhol famously said that in the future everyone would be famous for fifteen minutes. In the last couple of weeks I genuinely came to believe that at long last my chance had come, my 900 seconds in the spotlight, my perfect moment (as Martin McCutcheon would put it before she went off peddling yoghurt…… Continue reading Fifteen minutes.

Social climbers.

There was a time when my friends and I would collect and head to the nearest watering hole to exchange our thoughts on the world, women and the latest indie releases. They were good times of making plans, of it being fancy to order anything besides draft lager and of talking about women. Last night…… Continue reading Social climbers.